The Battle of Dornam was one of the widely unknown, but galaxy changing battles in Carnauge and A-Idjh's "Neverending War" (which did, in fact, end). The 615th assaulted the Dark Leigon's forces when they had found out he was harassing villages on the planet. The two armies threw everything they had at eachother, and were at a standstill until the "Defenders of Dornam" accidentialy stumbled across an aincent superweapon and blasted one of A-Idjh's Star Dreadnoughts to particles in one shot. The 615th won the day, but both sides took heavier losses then ever imaginable. It was after this point that Carnauge started to clone his troopers and also started to utilize the help of the smuggler, Lunak, and his crew more.