Predominant Squads

Heavy Squad

Triple Zero Squad

Originally the Sixfifteen Hunters, led by Carnauge, who were a collection of 615 planets, defense fleets, and armies, who hunted anyone who consiously used the Force. They did this until Carnage found Sebenqeral, who was very powerful in the Force, and took him in, which also gained him the powerful enemy, Darth A-Idge. During the Clone Wars, people started referring  to this new galactic power as the 615th, due to. in the public's eye, a close connection to the Republic and it's leigons.

The 615th are a powerful group of volunteers who work for Carnauge, a pureblooded Sith Force-user. They are the ace in the hole, so to speak, and are very clever. They do anything it takes to get the job done, and that sometimes means fighting dirty. Then again, no one said it had to be a fair fight...

Carnauge trained this particular army on planets across the unknown regions and Ilum, and they quickly showed very adept reflexes. So they were continually trained in harsh environments in preparation for battle. Some of them, like the famed Commanders Avenger (originally known as RC-7235), Reg (RC-7201) and Sniper (ARC-9496), were clones of Jango Fett taken from their leigons in the Grand Army of the Republic and were extensively trainied on Ilum.