26 BBY



Home Planet


Hair color


Eye Color


Skin Cotlor

Slightly Tanned; White


Human (Naboo)


No information


no light/dark sides

unlike Carmauge, he beleives being in a relationship actually helps the force user

solid attacking is best

Sebanqeral is a young padawan and is being mentored by Carnauge. Although he is a young apprentice, he is a master of stealth and espionage. He has a special custom made lightsaber, which he calls a circle-saber. As a master of stealth, his lightsaber has a camoflauge mode, in which they change color depending on the surroundings.

Sebanqeral heads out on a secret mission, in witch he fakes killing some members of the legion of clone troopers led by his master. Only his master and the troopers that were supposedly killed knew of this mission. After hearing about Sebanqeral "treason" toward the hated 615th, Darth Sidious believed that Sebanqeral had corrupted to the dark side, and soon Sebanqeral was able to easily persuade Darth Sidious recruit him as a sith apprentice. Unbeknownst to Darth Sidious, this was all a mission from the republic that utilized Sebanqeral's skill as a spy. Sebanqeral soon reveals the location of a secret droid production facility. Then, sebanqeral returned to his master, making Darth Sidious believe he died in a rockfall on Tatooine. When he was reunited with his troops, who were about to kill him, the "dead" squad members returned to them. Then, Sebanqeral, Carnauge, and the informed squad members explained to the rest of the squad that Sebanqeral did not turn to the dark side, and that it was all a mission.

Sebanqeral is a bit of a maverick, often allowing his instincts take over in battle. As such, he often fights based on his conscience. It definitely serves him well. He is called the Jedi Maverick, even though he is not actually Jedi, due to his nature.

Sebanqeral is an accomplished pilot, and is also very smart when it comes to technology. He even created his own droid, A0-X10 (or as Sebastian calls him, "Sneaks"), a one-of-a-kind droid type he calls an "Espiomech" droid. It's a combination of an astromech and a spy droid.

During the galactic civil war, he was the 5th greatest jedi. Afterwards, he was the 2nd, only weaker than Carnauge himself.