R10-X1 is Carnauge experimental astromech. It was built from scratch to resemble an R-series astromech. R10 was built to work in all environments, from the freezing watery depths of Mon Calamari, to the danger of an un-shielded Defender-class Paladinship. He fits in a special slot inside of Carnauge's Defender-class Paladinship, The Paladin, and goes on the outside of the ship to make any repairs. He has a disruptor pistol, ion pistol, sonic pistol, laser pistol, and flachette launcher in a compartment that he uses for self defense or to help Carnauge in a battle, and it was the reason Matteo was able to be found after escaping. Its ion pistol zapped the cloaking shield of Darth A-Idjh's Subjugator-class flagship, the Darkness Awaits, thus making it no longer cloaked, enabling the Guardian's tracking devices to find and heavily damage the Darkness.