A-Idjh before his corruption

Darth A-Idjh is a human (Mandalorian to be precise) Sith lord. He has a spiky hairstyle and carries a purple lightsaber stolen from a anonymous jedi. His goal is to eliminate the Force Master, Lord Carnauge. He has a Rutian Twi'lek apprentice named Matteo. A-Idjh has also crossed paths with Darth Sidious multiple times. As a young boy born and raised on Bastion, he never was fond of the Jedi. When he became a teenager in the first book, he seemingly killed Carnauge's Padawan Sebanqeral by Force choke, but Sebanqeral survives using a hidden air pocket concealed in his jacket. A-Idjh, in the next book, goes on to attempt to destroy the planet Coruscant by way of a massive super laser, however the plan is foiled by Sniper, part of Jaing Squad . A-Idjh is going to be a prominent character in the third book, and is killed by Matteo, now Darth Kal, in the same book, which is still in planning. If you want more information on his death, go to Master Aiden.