Leo and his weapon of choice, the DC-15.


Human (clone)










Force push, Force grip, Force pull



CT-1330, or Leo, as he calls himself, was an experiment of sorts. Carnauge gave him force powers, as he was planning to give force powers to every member of the 615th. However, because Leo was not exceedingly skilled with the Force as Carnauge had hoped. The experiment was scrapped, and Leo was soon returned, but his powers are continuing to develop at a rapid pace. He was wily enough to free himself from capture many times, and is currently serving as a combat engineer in the 615th. He is also the only known clone to have force powers.


During a special ops mission on Xylam, a Defender Paladinship known now to be the The Paladin came too close to the objective site. Leo was sent to destroy it, but he never came back. Captured by Carnauge, his DNA was infused with a piece of DNA from Carnauge's padawan, Sebanqeral. This gave him incredible force powers, however he was just a test subject. His memory was then wiped and he was returned to his squad. However, he was captured again by Matteo, who was posing as the Jedi leader of his squad during a mission to Kashyyyk. Matteo bluffed and told Leo that he had given him force powers as a way to get Leo on his side. This completely backfired, as Leo realized that he must have been experimented on and tortured. However, they were immediately interrupted. Matteo had hoped to use Leo as his personal mercenary and use him to eliminate Darth A-Idjh, however A-Idjh had discovered this and used a power surge to destroy Matteo's starfighter. Leo narrowly escaped, saved by Sniper, a member of the 615th.


Leo felt a particular fondness for Sniper. Sniper kept things friendly, but didn't show much interest. That is, until Leo used the Force to crush a passing vulture droid like a bug. Sniper immediately reported to Carnauge, the leader, who was ecstatic to have regained possesion of his loose cannon, and cordially invited Leo to the 615th legion. To this day, Leo has never realized that Carnauge was his former torturer, and continues to believe Matteo tortured him.