A0-X10 is Sebastians one-of-a-kind astromech. It was invented by him as a personal battle-ready astromech. It's a model he calls an "espiomech" for the fact that it's meant to work also like a spy droid. It has silenced parts and actual robotic arms that fold out of its' legs. Its' legs don't have treads on the bottom, but instead work like a commando droids'. The only time this droid makes any noise are when it's communicating, or when it hits something. It's equipped with two blaster pistols, 5 plasma grenades, an anti-armor launcher, a missile launcher, a head-mounted sentry-gun, a neck-mounted gatling, a huge ammo compartment for both he and his allies on its' back, and (of course) a small short-ranged electro-gun. All of the weapons have compartments. It auto-paints itself to camoflauge it depending on environment, time of day, enemies, and whether or not it's in spy mode.